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The founder of Konopné překlady [Cannabis Translations] is Czech translator, editor and journalist Lukáš Hurt. Lukáš, with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in English Philology from Palacký University in Olomouc, has been working for many years as a translator, journalist, editor, and social network manager focused predominantly on cannabis issues and the various uses of this versatile plant. At present, he is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the only Czech printed magazine about medical uses of cannabis called Konopí [Cannabis] which is sold all around the country. He is also writing and translating for the Czech magazine Legalizace. In 2016, Lukáš has been the Central European correspondent for Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis-oriented website. In addition, he has authored and translated several publications and brochures on the subject during the past few years, supervised all translations for the world’s largest cannabis fair – Prague’s Cannafest during 2014-2018.

Team members

The second member of our team is another professional translator, editor, university lecturer, and a close colleague of Mr. Hurt, dating back to early 2000s when Lukáš began to study at the Department of English and American Studies in Olomouc – Robert Hýsek. Robert began translating professionally in 1999 and now specializes both in fiction (e.g. Charles Bukowski, Philip K. Dick, Nick Cave) and technical texts (in the areas of medicine, natural sciences, art, philosophy, etc.). Since 2012, he too has been working for the magazine Legalizace as an editor. In addition, he is the chief editor and co-publisher of the above mentioned magazine Konopí.

The third member of the translation team is Matthew Sweney, an American translator, editor, and proofreader who has been living in the Czech Republic for more than twenty years. Matthew has a Ph.D. in English and is at home in Czech. His translating and editing portfolio includes various texts from many fields, such as science, art, business, law, and medicine.

Our Services

What We Offer

Translations from English into Czech

Revising and proofreading of Czech and English texts

Translations from Czech into English

Copywriting and promotion

As the name Konopné překlady [Cannabis Translations] suggests, our main specialization lies in translation and revision of popular and scientific texts, books, expert studies, etc. about the medical, industrial, and commercial use of cannabis. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the area, we can provide professional translations from English into Czech and Czech into English of articles, medical brochures and guides for patients and doctors, advertisements, promotion materials, and other texts related to the cannabis plant (recipes, instructions, legal texts, etc.) or other herbs. In addition, we can also provide PR texts tailored to your needs, edit and proofread third-party translations, and help promote your final product on social networks.


Print publications:

  • Second issue of magazine Konopí (2019).
  • Informational brochure 9 nejčastějších mýtů o konopí a jeho legalizaci (9 myths about cannabis and legalization) published by NGO Legalizace.cz (2018).
  • Translation and edition of a book How to Grow Indoor (2018).
  • Translations and editing of conference “Cannabis and Science”, Mendel University in Brno (2018).
  • Special Cannabis Edition of Bylinky revue magazine (2018).
  • First issue of magazine Konopí (2018).
  • Translations and editing of conference EuroAmCBC in Prague (2017).
  • Translations and editing of conference Cannafest in Prague (2017).
  • Special Cannabis Edition of Bylinky revue magazine (2017).
  • Translations and editing of exhibition “Happy Danes” for Danish Embassy in Prague (2017).
  • Translation and revision of NORML brochure Emerging Clinical Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids (2016).
  • Special Cannabis Edition of Bylinky revue magazine (2016).
  • Translations and revisions for the international conference “Cannabis and Science” organized by Mendel University in Brno (2015).
  • Translations and revisions of ten medical brochures, originally created by the patient organization Americans for Safe Access (2015).
  • Translations and revisions of two exhibitions aiming to promote “green” living in cities: “The Good City” and “Copenhagen Solutions” (2015).
  • Edition and revision of the collection Cannabis: Rediscovered Potential, comprised of the best lectures from the international conference at the Cannafest trade fair 2010–2013 (2014).
  • Edition and revision of the popular book Cannabis: A Guide Through the World of a Ubiquitous Plant (2014).
  • Translation of a Dutch handbook for doctors and patients, Introduction to Medical Cannabis (2014).
  • Translation of the French publication Hydroponics for Everybody (2013).

Internet Publications:

  • English articles for the biggest cannabis information resource in the world – Leafly.
  • Translations and articles for the print magazine Legalizace and its website.
  • Translations of medical news for the Czech patient association KOPAC.
  • Translations of Cannafest’s professional conference.
  • Creating entries for the Czech and English Cannabis Wiki.


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